DOORS to DESTINY - Freedom Fighters
Welcome to the Destiny journey!
We are a ministry designed to empower the bride of Christ prepare herself, individually, corporately, and globally. 
Our mission is to honor the Holy Spirit as the one who leads us into all truth; comforts, teaches and nurtures us and to provide an environment where He can minister life, healing, and purpose to His children.
Sarah Brayan
Sarah Brayan
Founded Doors to Destiny in 2008. Sarah speaks at meetings and conferences. She ministers the Word of God by revelation and invites people to engage the heavenly realm, leading them into encounters with the Godhead. Personal prophetic words, healings, and miracles follow.
Many decisions for Christ this day!
Sarah led the "Healing Water's" Ministry Tour of South Africa in 2012. Photo: On team for Angus Buchan (Faith like Potatoes) at this event in Cape Town.
  Many decisions for Christ this day!
Larry passed into glory June 29th, 2012.  His passion was freedom and his legacy continues through his daughters, and the many spiritual children he loved to greater dimensions of  abundant life. 
Larry Brayan: 2011 Lesotho and 
South Africa Mission.

We are called as a bridge from death to life; from the wisdom of man to the wisdom of God. Releasing Kingdom revelation and the of power of His love to transform lives.  
Team D2D encourages unity within the body of Christ with emphasis on healing the breaches between gender, race, and cultures.
Holy Spirit desires to empower you into dimensions of faith that will lead you into a dynamic and fruitful relationships with Jesus, Father God, and His children.
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